i dont really go on tumblr anymore sorry

so i thought id make a quick post just letting you know whats happening with me right now

i now have a job *happydance* yeahhh :D i work at savil gardens (a fancy pancy area filled with lakes and is owned by the royal family; i work in the resturant in the main building) full time, also me and george start going to the gym/pool on friday

also george’s nan just booked our flights to majorca *anotherdanceee* for june for two weeks in their apartment! waheyyy

soosoo im a very happy chappy right nowww!


chicken nuggets

then george comes home and we shall eat lasagne and cuddle in bed while watching the rest of paul


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im such a fatty

mums taken my little brothers to mcdonalds, and normally i hate mcdonalds but this time ive asked her to bring me back chicken nuggets mmmmmmm

gawdd im gonna be so unbelievably fat this summer, i dont even think the gym is going to help!

lindsey wixson

is hideous. why can’t we have classic beautiful models anymore? why do they all have to have some sort of ugly trademark now?

watching princess and the frog

i want to be charlotte from it! she’s so beautiful and her big pink dress is amazing and her voice is so southern its so cuuute ! <3


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i want september to hurry up

so i can go and do my art & design course <3


how is it 3:20 alreadyyyy

why have i not had a bath

i am so lazy i need to do something


bath then princess and the frog whilst getting ready then george will be home. cool.

or princess and the frog whilst IN the bath? ooooh


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